My family company, Quil Ceda Recycling, specializes in the processing of nonferrous scrap metals.

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The purpose of Quil Ceda Recycling is to keep copper and other nonferrous scrap metals out of the landfill, while putting money in the pockets of my clients. As a...
Scrap Nonferrous Metals | Quil Ceda Recycling | Marysville, WA | (360) 653-3360
Nonferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, lead, and tin are among the few materials that do not degrade or lose their physical and chemical properties in the...
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Aluminum cans are infinitely recyclable. They can be used, recycled, and turned back into brand new cans or other aluminum products forever. Did you know that within...

At Quil Ceda Recycling, I offer aluminum recycling for cans, wheels, and all kinds of industrial scrap.

Welcome to Quil Ceda Recycling

Founded in May 1980 in Marysville, WA, Quil Ceda Recycling is my on-site nonferrous scrap metal recycling company, and I accept all types of copper and aluminum. As a family-owned and -operated company, you can expect fair and honest personal service from my business, every time. Scrap copper wire is found in everything from electrical wiring to consumer electronics and cars. Aluminum is found in every soft drink can on the planet. Turn these scrap metals into cash when you come to my recycling center!

Did you know that most of the copper ever mined is still in use today? Both copper, and copper wire insulation, can be recycled—and should be if we want to continue using this invaluable metal in the future. The goal of my company is to create lasting relationships with my customers by ensuring reliable, fast, friendly, and honest service. All of my yard and truck scales are regulated, tested, and made clearly visible to my customers, thus building their confidence and loyalty.

At my recycling center, customers are empowered with information about their scrap metal and the current metal markets. I am dedicated to helping them maximize their returns on nonferrous metals and metal items such as brass, copper brass radiators, aluminum wheels, aluminum cans, barrels, and carbide. My recycling operation also takes tin, titanium, and non-magnetic stainless steel.

Everyone knows that recycling is the way to a better planet, but what you need to know is that in manufacturing, industrial, and commercial applications, it also makes good business sense. Give me a call or an email, and I will make sure your wire and nonferrous metal recycling needs are met at Quil Ceda Recycling of Marysville, WA.