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Aluminum cans are infinitely recyclable. They can be used, recycled, and turned back into brand new cans or other aluminum products forever. Did you know that within just 60 days of purchase, a single can goes from the store shelf, to purchase, to recycling plant, and back to the store shelf? This efficient system requires far less energy than producing the same item from raw materials, and it saves space in the landfill. At Quil Ceda Recycling, I make it simple and profitable to recycle aluminum in Marysville, WA.

While I offer services for all scrap metals, the majority of consumers understand the recyclability of this common nonferrous metal. As the most sustainable metal in the world, it is becoming increasingly popular to use aluminum in packaging, aluminum wheels, and radiators. Anything that can be produced from this metal can be recycled at my facility. Whether you would like to sell cans back to me, or drop off truckloads of industrial byproduct, I am happy to take it off your hands.

As a safe, convenient, lightweight, and durable material, community and curbside aluminum recycling bins have been a common sight on the urban landscape for years. However, most people have no idea what to do with large-scale scrap metal, which is far too large to fit in a little blue bin!

That is where my company steps in, providing real-world solutions to your most challenging recycling hurdles. I make the process of recycling seamless and hassle-free, helping your company achieve corporate sustainability goals.

Do you have aluminum scrap that could be processed and reused? To recycle this and other nonferrous scrap metals, please contact my family-owned and -operated company in Marysville, WA, Quil Ceda Recycling.